Support to the Higher Technical Pedagogical Institutes (HTPI) for the modernization of technical training programs

Democratic Republic of Congo

01/03/2019 - 17/12/2019

Support to the Ministry of Higher and University Education in the development of teacher training programs in the field of professional and technical training in the DRC.

UCCD researchers involved

Impacts and social benefits

The restructuring of teacher training programs according to LMD standards has the effect of promoting student mobility in this sector by ensuring a certain uniformity of training structures according to set international standards. Also, this project will have allowed for the training of a core group of curriculum managers in the DRC, thus providing this country with essential national expertise and autonomy in the curriculum reform process.

Impacts and scientific benefits

The CUDC researchers developed a methodology for developing programs by competency during this support. This methodology is an important contribution to the field of curriculum engineering.

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