Research Methodology for Choosing to Work with NGOs Internationally (Part 1)

Tulear Madagascar

01/05/2018 - 31/10/2021

Development of a research methodology for how to engage with a fieldwork partner to begin a research project.

UCCD researchers involved


Gadais, T., Décarpentrie, L.*, Webb, A., Ayoub, M-B.* & Bardocz-Bencsik, M.* & Bélanger, C. (Accepté). Is it worth doing fieldwork with this organisation? A method for considering context before conducting fieldwork research in Sport for development and peace. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living – Sports Management, Marketing and Business X(X), XX-XX.
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Impacts and social benefits

Analysis of the annual reports via the actantial model made it possible to identify the actors and their relationships involved in the BA's projects.

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