Support to the Quebec Ministry of Education (MEQ) to evaluate the impacts of COVID-19 on the school environment.

Quebec, Canada

09/01/2021 - 31/08/2021

Evaluate the impacts of COVID19 on the Quebec school environment (institutions, teachers and students)

UCCD researchers involved


Charland, P., Martineau, M. D., Gadais, T., Arvisais, O., Turgeon, N., Vinuesa, V., & Cyr, S. Curriculum response to the crisis. Prospects, 1-18.

Impacts and social benefits

The results are likely to influence public policy, as well as guidance to facilities and staff. The data will also be used to begin drafting a contingency plan that can be deployed in the event of future outbreaks or any other crisis, such as a natural disaster that would result in the prolonged closure and subsequent reopening of schools. For education stakeholders, the results are likely to influence teaching practices and the initial and ongoing training of staff in the various school networks. As for the students, their success, their level of motivation or their well-being, the partnership is likely to allow the implementation of adapted remedial measures or specific intervention plans following the crisis.

Impacts and scientific benefits

A partnership to better understand the impacts of COVID-19 on the school environment is a novel perspective for advancing knowledge, both intellectually and economically and socially. This partnership also contributes by using a global perspective to develop a comprehensive picture of the various consequences associated with the health crisis.

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