Access, retention, and sense of security of students in the accelerated education program in Dadaab refugee camp, Kenya


01/09/2014 - 30/04/2020

The project focuses on the reasons that prevent children and youth from continuing their education in the accelerated education program in Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. The knowledge generated in this study provides a better understanding of the factors that impede access to education. These barriers lead to complex interactions that can both generate a sense of insecurity and undermine student retention.

UCCD researchers involved


Arvisais, O., Charland, P., Audet, F., & Skelling-Desmeules, Y. (Accepté). Academic Persistence for Students Involved into the Accelerated Education Program in Dadaab Refugee Camp. Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees.

Arvisais, O., & Charland, P. (2015). ENJEUX ÉDUCATIONNELS, CURRICULUM ET LANGUE D’ENSEIGNEMENT DANS LES CAMPS DE RÉFUGIÉS État des connaissances et perspectives de recherche. Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education/Revue canadienne des jeunes chercheures et chercheurs en éducation, 6(2).

Impacts and social benefits

Improvement of food distribution processes by WFP.

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